The restaurant Toque, located near the Paseo Marítimo, is a restaurant with family spirit. Something we try to share with our customers, wanting them to feel at home.

Ideal for couples looking for a restaurant to relax and enjoy themselfs, or for business meals.

Our kitchen is for everyone, combining Belgian cuisine with Mediterranean cuisine. We play with the products to offer both, traditional and creative dishes. Always working from the market to the kitchen.

The wine cellar is not far behind, as we try to approach to our customers the culture of the Belgian beer, and fine wines from the Spanish geography, as well as some foreign wines.


This is a project run by father and son, with the collaboration of an excellent team, trying to offer our customers the best of ourselves.

Christian, with over 20 years of experience as a chef in yachts business, which has led him to travel the world providing such little secrets rescued from the most remote places, in addition to its great expertise in the dinning-room.

Claude, graduated from the university hotel school in the Balearic Islands, and later, at the hotel school of Sant Pol de Mar( Barcelona), dedicated to cook by vocation, where every day he tries to find products to surprise and enjoy yourself.

This, together with a team of people and professionals with shared experiences, makes this restaurant a small corner where you can enjoy a relaxed atmosphere, where to be seduced by a cuisine rich in flavor.

We hope that when living an evening in our company, you can feel love that we carry out in our work.


Thanks to our customers for trusting and help us to continue improving year after year.